More things you missed out on while you slept tonight.

Jetlag is a ridiculous concept. Never did I feel like I had to lie there and try and convince my own body that it wasn’t walking through the streets of Asia anymore. So while the peasants of Cupertino sleep-farted and snored, they missed out on a real party. Here’s what you missed:

– watching part one of my favorite documentary about women who are sexually attracted to buildings

– googling said buildings on Google Maps

– creating a custom Google Map, marked with every place I’ve ever been to, from specific libraries to national monuments to various Petcos and Safeways

– a trip to the freezer for a disappointing ice cream Drumstick (if ever there is such a thing)

– a remapping via Google Maps of a nice walk I took in a ghost town with a friend long ago

– finally closing Google Maps about an hour too late

– a few pages of a book I left home while I was in Thailand… I completely forgot all of the characters and I can’t remember which one was the rapist

– a few brimming tears as I realize the farmers market I wanted to be awake for starts in 4 short hours

– a huge moral internal debate about whether I should fast tomorrow or whether I should eat a crepe at the farmers market

– 2 miserable attempts at braiding while lying down

– a thorough investigation of trying to find the cool girl I met on the plane knowing only her favorite movie and current university

– a thorough Facebook stalking of a man in Scotland whom I have never met but stumbled across while looking for Plane Girl

– a thorough Google Map exploration of Scotland


Through tonight, I’ve learned nothing about the importance of time, and everything there is to know about Scotland. Goodnight, everyone.